What happens when family arrives on vacation and the house starts to feel overloaded with children? Our solution? Extend the sleeping space with camping gear. This year, during Thanksgiving week, the house was filled with family from the Northwest and Utah who were ready to reconnect with us and the Sun. It was an opportunity to create memories.

Some of the family arrived late the first night. They were happy to crash on a couch after a long two-day drive, but I'm an early riser and not everyone is appreciative of coffee brewing before the sun rises. We planned a busy week of hiking, climbing, flying, dinners, parties around the firepit, and completing projects around the house. So at the end of each day we expected some very tired guests, especially the kids. We had to provide better sleep accommodations, if we didn't want cranky family members.

The next morning, we broke out the camping gear and the house got a little bit less cramped and noisy. Here's how we turned the week into a memorable experience for all.

Utilizing our Roof Top Tent

We have been slowly rebuilding a five foot trailer to store and roll our 23Zero Bondi Roof Top Tent in and out of the garage. The trailer also allows us to roll the Bondi anywhere on the property and camp (eventually the trailer will be semi-overland capable and capable of being towed by the Subaru Outback). We rolled the trailer and Bondi to the front yard and set up camp. A couple of the boys looked at our mobile treehouse and quickly laid claim for the first night.

Utilizing our Tree Tent & Sleep Pads

When camping at home, we had been setting up our Tentsile Safari Stingray in the front yard between a tree and the porch. The distance between the porch and the tree was just short of making the angles to tension the tent optimal. We moved our Tree Tent location to the side of the house where the span between trees and fence posts is greater than the front yard. A couple of the girls claimed sleeping in the tree tent the first night, but also demanded the rain fly be attached so they wouldn't get cold. We installed the rainfly and added Klymit Insulated Static V pads and sleeping bags. The rainfly creates such a dark sleeping area that the Sun couldn't disturb the girls and eventually one of the adults had to wake them up. 

Utilizing our Cots & Sleep Pads

For the remaining guests, who didn't have a bed or tent, we provided camp cots with Klymit Insulated Static V sleep pads. I would have loved to see them try the cots and pads outside, but none were daring enough. During the day, we folded the cots and put the pads on beds to provide more room for walking through the bedrooms. At first, the kids weren't very excited to use the cots. Their sleeping experiences on cots had not been very comfortable. The sleep pads made the difference. Every child who used the cots and sleep pads stated that they been very comfortable and had slept well.  

Utilizing our Hammock

We did put up our Tentsile T-Mini Kids Hammock for sleeping options (see this blog's featured image), but its mesh bottom frightened away sleepers who believed it would be too cold. They may have been correct in their assessment, but I would have liked to see if the Insulated Static V pads would have cut the cold. Regardless, the hammock was popular for post-lunch naps in the Sun.

The kids rotated through the sleeping options and by the end of the week we had a well-rested crew of family members who were prepared for their long treks home. Without a doubt, everyone was happy that they didn't have to deal with an early riser and a coffee pot. Maybe turning your property into a camp site next time family or friends visit will have the same results as we enjoyed. GetINTENTS and make lasting memories!



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